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by downloadiso on October 25, 2012

For people interested in the politics of the internets, one of the worst cases we’ve seen in a long while is the insane case against Richard O’Dwyer. He’s a young UK citizen, who was running the link based site TV-Shack.

He is now facing extradition to the US. He has no ties to that country and has not operated his website in the US. It doesn’t really matter if he’s committed a crime in giving out links on his websites (we of course do not see this as something illegal, but actually protected as legal by lots of european laws), another country should not be able to demand him extradited to follow his laws.

We would never allow a person that was unfaithful to his or her partner to be extradited to a dictatorship such as Saudi Arabia to be punished for that crime. But as soon as COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT is the alleged “crime”, anything goes. It’s insane and needs to be stopped!

Anyone that cares about democracy, peoples right to a fair trial and that money should not buy you benefits in the legal system, should support Richard now. It’s an important case. Next time it could be you!


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